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Top Up Game dan Voucher Card Game

Cheapest and Reliable Bingo Plus Top Up

Recharge your items! Safely buy the cheapest Bingo Plus Top Up in the Philippines, backed by 10x Money-Back Guarantee, only at Lapakgaming PH! Top-up payments with e-wallet / e-money can be made through ShopeePay, Maya, Grabpay, GCash. Meanwhile, over counter payments can be made through Cebuana and 7-Eleven.

About Bingo Plus

Diverse Selection of Online Games

Within BingoPlus, you'll discover a plethora of captivating online games that extend far beyond the realm of traditional bingo. Our platform offers a delightful assortment of entertainment options, including the likes of Tongits, Poker, Pusoy, various card games, a vibrant Color Game, stimulating Diamond Game, enthralling Casino Slots, the classic Minesweeper, gold-themed slot machines, and a host of other engaging Plato games.

Online Bingo Adventures

Embrace the classic game of bingo that you hold dear, but with a refreshing twist! Engage in thrilling battles against fellow online players and chase after spectacular jackpots. Every day, countless players are triumphing in these games of chance and strategy. It's your opportunity to join their ranks and meticulously mark your way towards success!

Tongits and Poker Extravaganza

Our platform boasts a wide array of both local and international Plato games, encompassing classics such as the enduring Pusoy Poker, the Philippine Pusoy Dos Poker, the dynamic Philippines Pusoy Go Poker, and the exciting Philippines Tongits Poker, among various other offline and online poker variations.

Online Slot Machine Thrills

Step into the world of slot machines where bingo and spins combine for endless enjoyment! Our slots games, slot casino experiences, and slot machine delights offer:

  • Incredibly realistic and timeless slot machine gameplay.
  • A bounty of rewards, ensuring you'll never fret about running out of gaming coins.
  • Daily quests, super jackpots, and exhilarating spins that keep the excitement flowing.

The Art of Color Gaming

Prepare for an exhilarating journey into our Color Game, a random and true-to-life experience designed to provide fairness and excitement to all participants. With seamless enhancements and daily coin incentives, you'll find yourself returning time and again for more fun and opportunities to claim victory!

Unearth the Mines Online

Delve into the world of mine-themed games, including classics like Minesweeper, Gold Miner, Gold Mining games, and an assortment of Plato games. Explore the depths of these captivating adventures and test your skills in a variety of underground challenge

How to Buy Bingo Plus Top Up in Lapakgaming

  1. Open the website www.lapakgaming.com/en-ph using your PC or smartphone.
  2. Next, find and select the Bingo Plus.
  3. Then, choose the desired Top Up amount.
  4. Afterward, input the quantity you wish to purchase.
  5. The next step is to choose a payment method. You can pay using E-Wallet or E-Money (Paymaya, Grabpay, GCash, and ShopeePay), and Over Counter (Cebuana and 7-Eleven).
  6. Enter your account details.
  7. Provide your Contact email address. Make sure to input an active email that you regularly use.
  8. Enter any Promo Code you might have. Leave it blank if you don't have one.
  9. Click Buy Now, and you will receive a payment code. Proceed to make the payment using your chosen method.
  10. Upon a successful transaction, your items will be promptly delivered to your game account. No need for registration, log-in, voucher code redemption, or entering PIN codes.
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