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PUBG Mobile - Global

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Most Affordable and Reliable PUBG Mobile Global UC Top Up

Recharge your UC! Safely buy the most affordable PUBG Mobile Top Up in the Philippines, backed by 10x Money-Back Guarantee, only at Lapakgaming PH! Top-up payments with e-wallet / e-money can be made through ShopeePay, Maya, Grabpay, GCash. Meanwhile, over counter payments can be made through Cebuana and 7-Eleven.

About PUBG Mobile Global

Ready to step into the exhilarating world of PUBG Mobile Global Version? Before you dive in, you might want to check out some UC PUBG Mobile reviews. 

Picture this: You’re one of up to 100 mercenaries airdropped onto an isolated island. Your mission? Scavenge for supplies—think weapons, ammunition, armor—and be the last person standing in an all-out deathmatch. 

The catch? The play zone shrinks due to an encroaching electric storm, pushing you and your adversaries closer together.

How to Buy PUBG Mobile Global UC Top-Up in Lapakgaming

With fast and secure UC PUBG Mobile top-up options in Lapakgaming, taking your game to the next level has never been easier!

So, there you go—your guide on how to buy UC in PUBG Mobile via Lapakgaming:

  1. Navigate to the Lapakgaming PH website and look for UC PUBG Mobile on the homepage. Can’t find it? No worries—just enter the game’s name into the "Search Game" field at the top of the screen.
  2. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be directed to the top-up UC PUBG Mobile page. Here, you can select the amount of UC you’d like to buy as well as the quantity
  3. Next up, choose your preferred payment method. Lapakgaming offers an array of options, including:
  • E-Wallet / E-Money (Paymaya, Gcash, and Grabpay)
  • Over Counter (Cebuana and 7Eleven)
  1. Enter your PUBG Mobile User ID and any promo codes you might have at your disposal.
  2. Hit "Buy Now" and complete the payment process.
  3. Voila! Once the transaction is successful, the UC will be instantly credited to your account, ready to power up your game.

PUBGM Global Minimum Requirements

For iOS Users

  • Operating System: Requires iOS 9.0 or later
  • Free Space: At least 4 GB of free space is recommended. The initial download size is 2.4 GB, but additional in-game content can bump the total storage requirement to around 4 GB.

For Android Users

  • Operating System: Android 5.1.1 or higher is required.
  • RAM: 2 GB or more
  • Free Space: 4 GB free space is recommended to ensure smooth gameplay.

PUBG Mobile Release Date

Developed by the powerhouse combo of Lightspeed & Quantum Studios and published by Tencent Games, this battle royale titan initially dropped in China on February 9, 2018. 

After a soft launch in Canada to test the waters, the English version—simply named PUBG Mobile—rolled out worldwide on March 19, 2018. It’s been a few years since then, and the game has only gotten bigger and better.

PUBG Mobile Ranks List Tier

1. Bronze - The Beginner's Stage

If you're new to PUBG Mobile, you’ll start off in the Bronze tier. This tier has five levels: V to I. Points for this tier range from 1000 to 1699.

2. Silver - Stepping Up the Game

After mastering Bronze, you’ll progress to the Silver tier by accumulating 1700 to 2199 points. Silver also has five levels (V to I) and offers a good chance to prove your enhanced skills.

3. Gold - A Stiff Competition

Hit 2200 points, and you’re in the Gold tier. You’ll need to earn up to 2699 points to move on. The Gold tier offers challenging opponents that match your increasing skills.

4. Platinum - Tough Crowd

Platinum is a challenging tier, especially during season resets. It ranges from 2700 to 3199 points. In Platinum, you’ll hardly find any bots; it’s all real and skilled players here.

5. Diamond - High-Stakes Arena

Diamond tier, with its five levels and a point range of 3200-3699, is not for the faint-hearted. Losses can significantly reduce your points, so tread carefully.

6. Crown - The Elite Group

The Crown tier is where rewards get juicy, like Classic Crate Coupon Scraps and Tier Protections, get juicy. Points range from 3700 to 4199. Playing in Crown means you must be extremely cautious, as players are very strong.

7. Ace - The Veteran’s Zone

Ace should be the highest tier, but new levels have been added. This is the spot for highly experienced players.

8. Ace Master - The Pinnacle

A step above Ace, Ace Master requires you to collect 4800 points. The quickest way to rise here is by scoring "Winner Winner Chicken Dinners" with your squad.

9. Ace Dominator - The Apex of PUBG

Maintaining your status in Ace Dominator is extremely difficult. You’ll need at least 5200 points to get here.

10. Conqueror - The Special Tier

Conqueror is a unique rank without a specific point requirement. You get here by continuously pushing ranks. Also, it offers exclusive rewards and is considered the ultimate achievement in PUBG Mobile.

How to Change Name in PUBG Mobile

Previously, there was no in-game option to do so. But thanks to some updates, you can now use “Rename Cards” to change your name once a day.

  1. Open the App: Launch PUBG Mobile and go to the home screen.
  2. Access Inventory: Tap on "Inventory" from the bottom menu.
  3. Find Rename Card: Click on the crate icon on the right.
  4. Use Rename Card: If you have a Rename Card, tap on it and then hit "Use"
  5. Enter New Name: Type in your desired new name and confirm by tapping "OK."

You can perform these steps once per day. Keep in mind that you might already have some Rename Cards, as they are offered as level-up rewards. If you’re not that fortunate, you can purchase a Rename Card for 180UC.

PUBG Mobile Redeem Code

You’re not just tied to Unknown Cash (UC PUBG Global) for exclusive items in PUBG Mobile. Don't forget about seasonal events and challenges, which offer a chance for free rewards. And yes, sometimes you can even redeem special codes for extra perks!

  • RollingInMoney 
  • HealthAndHappines 
  • HappyGoldenMoon

The codes above are supposedly valid. However, since many players may redeem it, several codes might become invalid.

PUBG Mobile Global UC Price List

Check out these UC (Unknown Cash) deals for UC PUBG Mobile in-game currency, exclusively from Lapakgaming, the best place to buy UC PUBG Mobile:

  • 300 + 25 UC starting at ₱265
  • 600 + 60 UC starting at ₱530
  • 1,500 + 300 UC starting at ₱1,323
  • 3,000 + 850 UC priced at ₱2,651
  • 6,000 + 2,100 UC priced at ₱5,024

Don’t miss out on trusted, affordable UC top-ups from Lapakgaming. It’s quick, it’s easy what are you waiting for? Play your best game at PUBG Mobile Global version.

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