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About Seven Knights 2

Step back into the enchanted universe of the game Seven Knight with its long-anticipated sequel, Seven Knights 2. Developed by Netmarble, this mobile RPG doesn't hold back on cinematic storytelling, intricate world-building, and team-based battles. 

Seven Knights 2 picks up the narrative 20 years after the original game, centering on Lene, leader of the Daybreak Mercenaries and daughter of Eileene, one of the original Seven Knights. When a mysterious girl named Phiné appears, a new quest unfolds to find Rudy, the last of the original Seven Knights. 

The game leans heavily on its rich, engaging storyline, seamlessly blending cinematic scenes with interactive gameplay for an immersive experience. And if the main quest isn't enough, the game also offers additional challenges such as raids, dungeons, and the Celestial Tower to help you level up your characters.

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Seven Knights 2 Tier List

1. Top-Tier (SS)

These characters are the ultimate warriors—the cream of the crop if you will. Picking any of these champions ensures an almost unbeatable team.

  • Shane: Previously a demon hunter, Shane has become one of the strongest characters in Seven Knights 2. Nestra controls her now, but her attacks are still potent, and her aesthetics are stunning.
  • Ming: This adorable succubus is as powerful as her master, Shane. She might not be the most empathetic towards humans, but she packs enough punch to decimate foes in an instant.
  • Valdur: Valdur may not have a formal title, but he exudes main-character vibes. His stubbornness is a double-edged sword—costing him promotions but making him a fearsome attacker.
  • Cosette: Don't let Cosette's innocent appearance deceive you. She employs magical automation and alchemy to eliminate opponents, and her demeanor is as robotic as they come.

2. Near-Perfect (S)

A notch below SS but still incredibly powerful, these heroes should be your go-to options if you can't get your hands on an SS-tier pick.

  • Dellons: Known for his dark magic prowess, Dellons has earned his place in the S-tier. Immortal and ancient, his destructive abilities are top-notch.
  • Eileene: A magic-wielding warrior, Eileene is dependable and powerful, and carries out her duties with zeal.
  • Yeonhee: This priestess is an enemy of Nestra and a hero in her own right. Her destructive magic sets her apart as one of the strongest Seven Knights 2 characters.

3. Strong but Not Unbeatable (A)

If you're just starting, A-tier characters are solid picks to carry you through the initial stages of the game.

  • Lene: Excellent for battling multiple foes, Lene's brute strength makes her an effective warrior.
  • Melissa: Raised in an orphanage, Melissa combines beauty with magical prowess. She's a strategic asset if used correctly.

4. Solid Picks (B)

These are your workhorse characters—reliable but not spectacular.

  • Iota: A dedicated warrior serving a divine dragon, Iota uses her brute force to overpower enemies.
  • Juju: Juju employs dark magic and scorpion-based attacks to decimate foes.

5. Good in a Pinch (C)

These are good options for those looking to experiment or diversify their roster.

  • Adel: A royal elf with fast and steady moves, Adel is a dependable C-tier character.
  • Guilahan: A magical engineer who gets the job done, Guilahan employs his intellect to take down foes.

Seven Knights 2 Coupon Codes


As of now, these are the exclusive codes you can use for some perks. But don't worry, we're constantly updating with more. Alternatively, keep an eye on the Seven Knights 2 official website and their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. They often release new coupon codes for extra goodies.

Seven Knights 2 Price List

  • Package 2.99 USD starting at ₱160
  • Package 4.99 USD starting at ₱266
  • Package 8.99 USD starting at ₱479
  • Package 15.99 USD starting at ₱851
  • Package 26.99 USD starting at ₱1,437
  • Package 44.99 USD priced at ₱2,373
  • Package 89.99 USD equivalent to ₱4,746

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