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Buy PUBG Mobile UC and Pass Top Up | Money-Back Guarantee

Recharge your PUBGM UC and Pass! Safely buy the most affordable PUBG Mobile Top Up in Singapore, backed by 10x Money-Back Guarantee, only at Lapakgaming SG! Top-up payments can be made through PayNow QR, Bank Transfer Enets D, Singpost and AXS.

About PUBG Mobile

In PUBG Mobile, the ultimate objective is to be the last one standing. To achieve this, players must scavenge the entire map to gather weapons and supplies. It is a multiplayer game that requires strategy and tactics to outsmart opponents.

How to Buy PUBGM Top Up in Lapakgaming SG

Lapakgaming is one of the cheapest top-up websites to get PUBM UC. Here's how to get it:

  1. To recharge PUBG UC on PUBGM SG, first you have to open your phone browser, then head to Lapakgaming's SG official website
  2. Then, click the magnifier symbol to search for PUBGM  Top Up Page.
  3. Once directed to the PUBGM Top Up Page, you can either buy UC or use your Gift Voucher. If you want to use Gift Voucher, simply click the 'Gift Voucher' tab, enter the code, then click "Use Voucher."
  4. If you intend to buy UC, stay on the 'Buy' tab and click on the top-up product you want. Then, choose the quantity of the product.
  5. After that, choose the payment method. There are several options available in Lapakgaming, which are: PayNow QR, Bank Transfer Enets D, Singpost and AXS.
  6. Next, enter your PUBGM User ID. To find it, open the game on your device, go to your profile, and then find the numbers below your IGN on the left. To avoid UC delivery failure, make sure to input the numbers correctly.
  7. Optionally, input your email address. This will allow you to receive proof of transaction, which may be useful.
  8. Enter the Promo Code, if any. Then, click the "Buy Now" button.
  9. After that, you will be redirected to the Payment Page. Complete your transaction before the payment deadline expires, which typically expires in 30 minutes.
  10. Once you have completed your payment, the page will refresh automatically, and the product will be added to your game account. If you are purchasing vouchers, you can also see the voucher code on this page. So, make sure to keep the page open.
  11. Your transaction is complete, and you can return to playing PUBGM with your friends.

PUBGM Minimum Requirements

PUBG Mobile Requirements for Android Phones:

  • Version: Android 5.0 (Lollipop) or higher. Android 8.0 or higher is recommended.
  • RAM: 2 GB or higher
  • Game Size: 2 GB

PUBG Mobile Requirements for iOS Phones:

  • Version: iOS 9 or later
  • Game Size: 3 GB

PUBGM Price List

How much does PUBG UC cost? At Lapakgaming, you will surely get a good deal. Here are the prices for each item:

  • Upgrade RP: S$14.58
  • Upgrade Elite RP: S$36.45
  • 300 + 25 UC: S$6.08
  • 600 + 60 UC: S$12.15
  • 1500 + 300 UC: S$30.38
  • 3000 + 850 UC: S$60.75
  • 6000 + 2100 UC: S$121.5
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