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Cheapest and Reliable Dragon Hunter Diamonds Top Up

Recharge your Diamonds! Safely buy the cheapest Dragon Hunter Top Up in the Philippines, backed by 10x Money-Back Guarantee, only at Lapakgaming PH! Top-up payments with e-wallet / e-money can be made through ShopeePay, Maya, Grabpay, GCash. Meanwhile, over counter payments can be made through Cebuana and 7-Eleven.

About Dragon Hunters Heroes Legend

Delve into the mystical realm of "Dragon Hunters: Heroes Legend," a MMORPG where island tribal aesthetics come alive. Immerse yourself in captivating artwork, top-tier visuals, and a plethora of intriguing pets and equipment, all underpinning a uniquely crafted progression system. Prepare for an epic journey amidst resplendent forests in a land shrouded in enigma.

Embark on the path of a tribal youngster, guided by his father's aspirations, unraveling the age-old tales of the Book of Loyat.

Gather Your Brigade! Vanquish the Malevolent Dragons!

The Star Island, a haven of captivating landscapes and endearing creatures, now echoes with the roars of sinister dragons. Rally your Dragoncide Squad and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with valiant warriors to repel these threats!

Diverse Creatures! Pledge Your Loyalty to Your Favorites!

The Star Island is teeming with creatures like the frigid Icy Bear, blazing Fire Wyvern, and playful Bluish Parrot. They're a blend of charm, mischief, and aloofness, always ready to surprise you. Be vigilant; they might just be lurking around the next bend!

Evolution at Its Peak! Cultivate Your Ultimate Companion!

Witness the transformative journey of pets with countless evolutionary paths. Engage with a bespoke pet nurturing system, witnessing their milestones and fortifying your combat prowess alongside them. Your perfect combat ally awaits!

Learn from the Masters! Flourish Side by Side!

Experience an authentic Mentor-Disciple bond. Revel in daily teachings, savoring the wisdom imparted by your mentor. Embark on mentorship quests, celebrating the achievements of your protégés. Beyond knowledge, anticipate bountiful rewards from joint quests, where camaraderie translates to opulence. Keep an eye out; treasures beckon!

Diverse Professions! Unleash Your Potential!

From valiant front-line defenders and benevolent healers to sharp-witted long-range marksmen and stealthy assassins - the island offers a plethora of roles. Mix and match for optimized strategies, making combat not just simpler, but also more exhilarating!

How to Buy Dragon Hunter Diamonds Top Up in Lapakgaming

  1. Open the website www.lapakgaming.com/en-ph using your PC or smartphone.
  2. Next, find and select the Dragon Hunter.
  3. Then, choose the desired Top Up amount. Options range from 221 Diamonds to 11083 Diamonds.
  4. Afterward, input the quantity you wish to purchase.
  5. The next step is to choose a payment method. You can pay using E-Wallet or E-Money (Paymaya, Grabpay, GCash, and ShopeePay), and Over Counter (Cebuana and 7-Eleven).
  6. Enter your Login, Server, Username account.
  7. Provide your Contact email address. Make sure to input an active email that you regularly use.
  8. Enter any Promo Code you might have. Leave it blank if you don't have one.
  9. Click Buy Now, and you will receive a payment code. Proceed to make the payment using your chosen method.
  10. Upon a successful transaction, your purchased item will be promptly delivered to your game account. No need for registration, log-in, voucher code redemption, or entering PIN codes.

Dragon Hunter System Requirements

  • Version:
  • OS Android: 4.3 and up

Dragon Hunter Redeem Gift Codes

  • HappyAug (New!)
  • HAPPY0622
  • LoveMom
  • Star
  • DH888
  • DH2022
  • DH4399

Dragon Hunter Diamonds Price List

  • 221 Diamonds: ₱153
  • 664 Diamonds: ₱458
  • 1108 Diamonds: ₱763
  • 2216 Diamonds: ₱1.527
  • 4433 Diamonds: ₱3.053
  • 7758 Diamonds: ₱5.343
  • 11083 Diamonds: ₱7.633
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