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Ragnarok Origin Global - In App Pack

Ragnarok Origin Global - In App Pack

Ragnarok Origin Global - In App Pack

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Growth Fund 15$

Battle Pass Special Edition 10$

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Battle Pass Ace Special Edition 22$

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Top Up Ragnarok Origin Special Pack Cheapest

 Recharge your items! Safely buy the most affordable and discounted Ragnarok Origin Special Pack Top Up in the Philippines, backed by 10x Money-Back Guarantee, only at Lapakgaming PH! Top-up payments with e-wallet / e-money can be made through ShopeePay, Maya, Grabpay, GCash. Meanwhile, over counter payments can be made through Cebuana and 7-Eleven.

About Ragnarok Origin Global ID Number

The long-awaited Ragnarok Origin Global has made its grand debut on PC and mobile devices on April 6, 2023! This is your moment to unite with gamers worldwide and immerse yourself in the mesmerizing realm of Midgard. So, which server have you chosen?

Before you set sail on this epic adventure, let's look at some crucial pointers, especially for those new to the ROO universe, with the help of this Ragnarok Origin guide.

The game gives you an experience remarkably similar to its original MMORPG counterpart. The twist? It's now accessible on mobile and boasts spectacular 3D graphics! 

This allows you to relish the game much like its iconic predecessor, complete with complex quests to level up, swap gear, switch professions, and progress continually. 

Moreover, Ragnarok Origin is somewhat more streamlined and user-friendly than the original, lessening the chances of you getting lost. And let's not overlook the periodic Ragnarok Origin Global updates that keep the gameplay continually fresh and exhilarating!

How to Buy Ragnarok Origin Global Nyan Berry Top Up in Lapakgaming

Nyan Berry is the in-game currency in Ragnarok Origin Global. Here's your one-stop guide for Ragnarok Origin Global top-up through Lapakgaming: fast, easy, and offers a range of payment methods for your convenience:

  1. Navigate to the Lapakgaming Website: Head over to Lapakgaming's PH official website.
  2. Find Your Game: Search for "Ragnarok Origin Global – ID Number" on the game page. If you can't find it, enter the game name in the "Search Game" field at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose Your Nyan Berries: Pick the amount of Nyan Berries you wish to buy.
  4. Select Payment Method: Choose from a variety of payment options such as:
  • E-Wallet / E-Money (Paymaya, Gcash, and Grabpay)
  • Over Counter (Cebuana and 7Eleven)
  1. Enter Your Details: Input your Secret Code and Nickname for Ragnarok Origin Global, and also select your server.
  2. Use a Promo Code (Optional): If you have a promo code, enter it here for extra savings.
  3. Confirm Purchase: Click on "Buy Now" to finalize the transaction.
  4. Receive Your Nyan Berries: Once completed, the Nyan Berries will be directly added to your Ragnarok Origin Global account.

How to Top Up ROO via GCash:

  1. Select the "Ragnarok Origin Global - Package" page.
  2. Choose the item you want to purchase.
  3. Scroll down and click on "GCash" to use it as your payment method.
  4. Fill in your account details.
  5. Optionally, add your email.
  6. Click the "Buy Now" button to complete the transaction process.

Ragnarok Origin Global Release Date

As of May 6th, 2023, a month has flown by since the monumental launch of Ragnarok Origin, the eagerly awaited sequel to the legendary MMO, Ragnarok Online. 

Published by Gravity Game Hub and released on April 6th, 2023, this game has soared to unparalleled heights of success. The evidence? It rocketed to the top spots in various ranking lists on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in five countries—on its very first day!

But let's not just call it a sequel; it's a masterpiece that encapsulates all the elements that made the original game an everlasting hit. 

Through this Ragnarok Origin global review, it's clear that the game has profoundly reimagined the classic MMO experience. Additionally, it delivers a perfectly balanced gameplay that has enthralled fans globally.

Ragnarok Origin Global System Requirements

For an epic gaming experience, make sure your device meets these minimum requirements:

Android Devices:

  • RAM: 3 GB or higher
  • OS: Android 6.0 or higher
  • Storage: 8 GB or higher

iOS Devices:

  • RAM: 3 GB or higher
  • OS: iOS 10.0 or higher
  • Storage: 8 GB or higher

Don't miss out on the expansive world of Ragnarok Origin Global due to system limitations. Check these specs and gear up for an unforgettable journey through Midgard!

Ragnarok Origin Global Redeem Code

If you're a regular player searching for valid codes, you've come to the right spot. We're here to provide you with a comprehensive list of up-to-date Ragnarok Origin codes to redeem for free in-game goodies. 

Below are the active codes you can use:

  • ODINCUP333
  • 666SEAOC10K
  • ROOHOWL2023
  • HALFYEAR1006

Keep in mind that these codes may or may not be redeemable by the time you try them, as they might have already been claimed by other players. 

But don't sweat it! You can still enjoy the immersive world of Ragnarok Origin and stay tuned for updates on new codes that drop regularly.

Ragnarok Origin Global Nyan Berry Price List

  • 40 Nyan Berry: ₱50
  • 125 Nyan Berry: ₱152
  • 210 Nyan Berry: ₱251
  • 430 Nyan Berry: ₱503
  • 900 Nyan Berry: ₱999
  • 1025 Nyan Berry: ₱1.151
  • 2300 Nyan Berry: ₱2.475
  • 4800 Nyan Berry: ₱4.752

You can also get a better deal with bulk purchases! Use these Nyan Berries not just for auctions but also for shopping for crucial in-game items. And don't forget, they're also your ticket to exciting gacha pulls for awesome character costumes! 

Get the most affordable and quickest Nyan Berry top-ups only at Lapakgaming. Enhance your Ragnarok Origin Mobile gameplay with top-ups from Lapakgaming

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